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1.WS-2902C Ambient Weather Smart Weather Station

Ambient Weather’s newest Professional Weather Station WS-2902 provides you with a beautiful, easy to read LCD to track your home weather and backyard weather conditions. Monitor indoor and outdoor needs, including wind speeds, wind direction, rainfall, UV, solar radiation, pressure barometric, indoor and outdoor (F and C) temperatures, indoor/outdoor moisture, etc. In the weather station, even dew point, wind chill and heat index are measured.

Experience the ease of using your computer, tablet or mobile device to bring your weather details with you.


  • There’s a decent-sized desktop console included.
  • All of the weather readings used on more expensive units are available here.
  • It binds to Alexa and fits well with Alexa when using the Echo. For me, this was a huge problem. I began with Netatmo because it was the most frequently reported.
  • This Ambient 2902 has so many more features than the Alexa compliant weather station in web searches (and sounds much more reliable). It’s a proper weather station that’s also a lot cheaper.
  • Very easy to install, running in a few minutes.


The console’s viewing angles are limited, but that’s a minor quibble; it fits my needs perfectly. And including a full-featured console in the box at this price point is pretty incredible.

It has a built-in bubble level to help level the weather station unit during installation (necessary for accurate wind and rain readings), which is a bonus. However, you must level (plum) the pole itself because the built-in mounting bracket does not allow you to change the unit’s angle. It’s not a big deal, but it’s something to keep in mind.

2. Smart Weather Station Ambient Weather WS-2000

The Ambient Weather WS-2000 is an entirely local and remote monitoring kit from Ambient Weather. The high-definition, full-color TFT LCD monitor, which includes a light and dark colored backdrop, is easy to read at any time of day or night.

The outdoor sensor array provides wireless wind speed, direction, rainfall, temperature, moisture, UV and solar radiation. It may also collect data from the optional indoor sensor, such as barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature (sold separately). The colourful, interactive tablet blends measured and calculated data, including ‘Feels Like’ Temperature (Wind Chill and Heat Index), Dew Point, 10 Minute Wind Speed and Direction, Sunrise, Sunset, Moon Phase, Forecast, and more. NIST internet time server synchronisation, imperial and metric units of scale, high and low warning conditions with an audible alert, calibration of all major parameters, and real-time internet weather publishing are among the multi-screen monitor features.


  • It’s simple to set up, and the user manual is detailed (55 pages), insightful, and accurate.
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature/humidity, wind, sunrise/sunset, moon phase, barometric pressure (relative and absolute); ability to view and calibrate sensors; historical monitoring and graphics; weather prediction are all standard features.
  • There are eight optional sensor features: lightning, remote temperature/humidity, and so on.
  • It’s a piece of cake to link to the Weather Underground and Ambient Weather networks through the internet.
  • Small but detailed (3″x6″) show “tablet,” intuitive and quick to navigate and use. The data can be downloaded and viewed on your computer. For this, I built a 32GB SD memory chip.


A proper mast mount seems to be challenging to achieve. I’ll have to look around my neighborhood hardware store for posts, fittings, and adapters. A telescoping flag pole is currently being considered. (It did, but Ambient could install an injected molding beneath the sensor array to accommodate a regular pipe-thread or PVC fitting.)

3.Ambient Weather WS-2801A Comes with Wireless Color Forecast Station

The WS-2801 Advanced Wireless Color Forecast Station comes with a logical, easy-to-read color screen interface and is packed with features at a meagre price.

The WS-2801 includes a color forecast icon that responds to barometric pressure changes, offering a reasonably accurate forecast for the next 24 to 48 hours.


  • As sensors were put close together, the indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity were virtually identical. It’s also in line with some of the other thermometers I have around the house and outside.
  • Knowing the limitations of an LCD and the price, I presumed that the display would suffice. When viewed from below or to the left, it does fade out.
  • It was simple and easy to set up.
  • The atomic time setting function worked just as well as another atomic time setting product I have. The sensor is on the north side of my home, and I live in a valley at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. This is a long way from the transmitter site and not the best place for receiving signals. The link and updating of the time/date took about six hours.
  • Buttons are a heavyweight


  • The manual is serviceable, but it could be better. On the internet, I discovered a more modern and detailed manual.

4. Ambient Weather WS-1900A Osprey Comes with Solar Powered feature

The brilliant, easy-to-read LCD color display of the Ambient Weather WS-1900 Professional Weather Station helps you to monitor the weather conditions in your home and backyard. Indoors and outdoors are tracked to measure wind velocity, direction of wind, rainfall, UV, solar radiation, barometric pressure, indoor/outdoor (F and C), humidity and more. The dew point, wind chill, and heat index are all calculated by the weather station.


• It’s easy to read thanks to the LCD color display.

• Reliable power is provided by a 5V DC adapter and sensor array.

• The use of bright colours produces a chic look.


• Build quality is mediocre.


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