Best Apple Watch In 2022

Have you been searching for best Apple watches of 2021? Before getting one of these watches, it is important to consider the things you need in a smart watch.

Do you want a watch that can track and record fitness? Do you need an extension for your iPhone? Or are you in search of a device that could help you during emergencies?

Despite the fact that almost all Apple watches posses these features, some can perform better than others in these aspects.

Even though there’s no much noticeable difference between these watches, there are still some certain features that distinguish one from the other. These differences in internal features makes up best smart watches each year.

Initially, the Apple company designed 7 models of its smartwatch. Currently, the company sells only 3 of these models. These 3 models are the Apple Series 6, the Apple SE as well as the Apple Series 3 watch. Some retailers might still have the Apple series 5 and refurbished series 4 in stock.

People who wants to upgrade from Apple watch series 2 to a newer version might find themselves putting up their watch for sale. Hence you can get the Apple Watch series 3 from these people. The old versions lack the newly improved IOS software updates and hence lack some features when compared with the new models.

Apple Series 6 watch

Presently, people are going for the Apple Series 6 watch and hence it is a  trending model and one of the best Apple Watches of 2021. It’s more like an updated version of the Apple Series 5 and has some of its features like the health features and always on display. This device has a very bright screen and an oxygen reader. Apple really took time to design this device because it is the first to come with different colors. You can either choose the blue color or the red one.

Even though it would have been nice if Apple had improved its battery life, it still charges fast with its fast charging features. This smart watch charges fully within 90 minutes which is great for a smart watch.

Due to the addition of the watchOS7, the Apple Series 6 has a sleep tracking feature which makes it very exceptional. It also features mobility metrics, hand washing timer etc.

Apple SE watch

This particular watch is an upgrade of the Series 5 and Series 3. Even though the Apple Series 6 has more features than this smartwatch, it is also exceptional with its speedy chip as well as features that keeps you safe while using the device. It is perfect for individuals interested in Family setup since it has an LTE feature.

If you are having a hard time selecting between the Apple Watch series 6 and Apple Watch SE, you should first of all check if you can spend an additional $120 in return for a smartwatch with an always on feature as well as an ECG monitor.

If you are not interested in these features, then you can definitely go with the Apple SE watch.

Apple Series 3 Watch

If you are on a tight budget and you are searching for a portable and excellent watch to buy, then you can go with the Series 3 watch. It is a 38mm smart watch with a GPS feature and supports the new watchOS7. It is still available in Apple and they upgrade it every year with new features and updates.

It is an excellent smart watch with the best fitness tracker and offers the exact same health features like the Series 5 and Series 6. Even though there’s no ECG sensor, this device can perfectly regulate your heart and notify you if there’s any problem with your heart beat.


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