Difference Between A Bagged And A Bagless Vacuum

Like many things in life, you must make sure to invest in some essential appliances, without which life will be as hard as it gets. One such lifesaving equipment is a vacuum cleaner which makes life easy. Many types of vacuum cleaners are easily available in the market, depending on your usage and requirement. The two types of vacuums that we are going to be discussing today are bagged and bagless vacuums and how the two of them differ from each other with regards to their functions, cost and performance.

Followed is method to differentiate between the two:

Save money

The first major difference between a bagged and a bagless vacuum cleaner is that of price. Yes, you read that correctly. The bagless vacuum helps you in saving a lot of money in terms of disposable bag usage. The truth is that buying disposable bags for the vacuum cleaner is an added hassle that the bagged vacuum directly saves you from once you invest your money in one of these. The overall price of both the vacuums, however, varies, depending on what brand you are opting for and other features that the vacuum comes with.

Less mess

The thing with humans is that they are always running short on time. No person in the world performs a certain task with perfection without having to forget anything. The same happens with vacuum cleaning tasks. Many a time, people forget to put a disposable bag inside the bagged vacuum which can create more mess for the person than they had planned to clean initially. With a bagless vacuum cleaner, however, this problem will never occur because there is no need to put a disposable bag inside before starting to clean. Another thing with bagged vacuums is the constant changing of disposable bags, no matter how small the usage or cleaning task was. So, to say that you only used the vacuum for cleaning a little spill of liquid, you would still be required to change the disposable bag.

Feeling relieved

With having a bagless vacuum, you will feel a sense of relief. You would feel relieved because there would be no need for you to constantly keep a check on cleaning the vacuum cleaner like you would have to in the case of a bagged vacuum. No one likes to smell an awful disposable bag after cleaning the house and getting rid of all the unwanted debris that was lying around. You do not have to think twice before using a bagless vacuum cleaner. You can just start using it whenever you feel the need to use it. There are cyclonic bagless vacuums also available which are even better than the ordinary ones.

Less hassle

Most people prefer a bagless vacuum because it is easier to handle and clean when compared to a bagged vacuum which is more time-consuming. With a bagged vacuum cleaner there is always a sense of extra work attached to it in the form of a disposable bag that needs to be changed after every use.

Cleaning process

With having so many advantages, the bagless vacuum cleaner fails the cleaning test when compared to a bagged vacuum. The thing with a bagless vacuum is its excessive exposure to dust and dirt when compared to a bagged vacuum. People who have dust allergies should not opt for a bagless vacuum cleaner if they intend to clean it themselves after every use. With the bagged vacuums, cleaning is a lot easier because all you have to do is to take off the disposable bag and discard it. Yes, that is all. Some people who have been using bagless vacuums for quite some time now think that filters of the bagless vacuums need to be replaced frequently. This is again, part of making sure that the vacuum itself remains clean to give you good results. The bagless vacuum can be easily cleaned with a hard brush when need be. This way you can use it as much as you want without any problem.


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