How To Maintain And Clean A Home Weather Station?

If you have a personal weather station, it should work for you for many years without any troubles. But if you want your home weather station to be more long-lasting and to have extremely accurate measurements from it, it is essential to maintain it regularly and do everything to make sensors stay clean, without any dirt.

The regularity of this cleaning should depend on your place of living. Those weather stations that are located in a place with a temperate climate can be cleaned and maintained just one time per season. But if the weather is more extreme, for example, if a station is located somewhere in a desert area that has many dust storms, it should be maintained not less than once per month.

Recalibration of a station

Personal weather stations have special digital sensors; in the beginning, these sensors perform well and get pretty accurate data, however, over time these sensors can differ from the initial values. We made an analysis and found out that usually the weather stations don’t need any recalibration or need it just a bit, however, some models can’t work normally without regular recalibration if their sensors’ quality is not good enough or they are too sensitive to the weather conditions that change often.

We think that the best idea is to check how accurate the measurements of your station are and recalibrate it as often as it is necessary. Such an attitude will help to find out some troubles when they are not too difficult to solve.

Individual instrument maintenance

Every single sensor on your personal station has a set of practices that helps this station to work well in an optimal condition. You can read the tips below to find out what are the most popular instruments found on home weather stations.

Sensors of temperature and moisture

These sensors usually don’t need regular maintenance or cleaning, but, of course, if they are pretty cheap, then they will drift over time. Dirt and waste can simply accumulate on the radiation shielding when it’s the summertime, while ice and snow can be accumulated when it’s winter. Take a damp piece of clothing and wipe the shielding, however, make sure that you are not preventing the airflow from getting here. Probably you are worried about the dust that can get to the sensors; in such a situation, you should take the shielding away and then brush off the mesh using a soft toothbrush.

Anemometers and wind vanes

There are weather stations that use a cup system to get the measurements of the wind speed (however, some of them don’t). First of all, become sure that the bearings are clean, while the cups can spin freely. If that is too difficult, then you should use a “set screw” and also remember that the cups should be warm. However, if you use these tips and none of them helps you, then you should make a phone call to the manufacturer. The way of maintenance for a wind vane and even some potential mistakes are pretty similar. You should check the orientation of the wind vane every single year to be sure that the measurements are truly accurate.


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