Review Of The Best August Wi-Fi 4th Generation Smart Lock

While searching for the ideal smart lock for your home, there are always so many options to select from.

Now in its 4th generation, August Wi-fi smart lock is always impressive. But the big question still remains, whether the money spent on it is worth it and whether it is actually better than past generations.

Below we have considered everything in great detail there is to know about this device, so be sure you are going to definitely make a ‘smart’ decision after reading this article.

Deadbolt Security

This device supports a wide variety of deadbolt locks, and you can also use it with your already existing locks. So there won’t be need to consider investing in another lock for the system. Though there are some limits, of course.

The limit here, means that it might not be so compatible with low-profile deadbolt locks or the twin dead bolts.

A more sophisticated, Compact and Reinforced security to your home

Unlike older generations, this new generation comes with an extended battery life. August wi-fi smart locks battery are known to last for about 3-4 months with great ease.

Also the 4th generation is at least 45% smaller in terms of locks compared to older generations, making the lock a lot denser, more difficult to breach and a lot easier to install. It is compatible with any door or lock size with sufficient power for maximum protection.

With improvements in terms of security, this smart wi-fi lock is really a worthwhile selection.

Wi-fi Auto-connect

Once brought out from its box and activated, the lock begins searching for wi-fi networks that it will connect to. Though set up is a bit time consuming.

It lacks 5Ghz Wi-Fi support, but it is said that this is due to range as 5GHz connections works better in a more closer vicinity at least 25-30 feet. The 2.5GHz it does come with is a rather acceptable option, while some would say it is the best option. This is because the 2.5GHz bandwidth has an extensive reach and can be further be extended with the router.

Though 5GHz connections are as well available, but since it is just applied to a look rather than for media consumption, the 2.5GHz is very efficient.

Bluetooth Connectivity (seamless wireless connections)

This might be the best upgrade to this 4th generation in contrast to older generations, the introduction of Bluetooth connectivity. Provided you don’t fancy using wi-fi, thanks to this wonderful upgrade you have an option to use bluetooth.

But while using Bluetooth, you are going to have to do without certain smart features it comes with, for instance, provided you are not in the home screen you won’t have any use for the app or guest access or access control. Meaning it will only but function as an automatic lock, also you will have to be present in other to lock or unlock it.

But in the end it is great, because bluetooth connections are done offline and this is important provided you are in a situation whereby there is no internet connection. In those situations, you will really appreciate the introduction of Bluetooth connectivity in this 4th generation smart lock


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