Which Bowflex Max Sports Trainer Is Best To Buy In 2022?

If you have long wanted to buy a trainer from Bowflex, but do not know which one to choose, then this article is for you.

Bowflex has changed the sports equipment industry upside down. All Bowflex Max exercise machines contain a stair stepper and elliptical machine, which helps to burn 2.5 times more calories in the system than any other exercise machine on the market. With the advanced system on this simulator, you can perform a full workout on the whole body in just 14 minutes.

We have reviewed several models of trainers to tell you about the features of each of them that you need to consider before buying. After reading this article, you will have a complete idea of which exercise machine is best for you.

These simulators are manufactured by Nautilus, headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. The company is actively working on the line of Bowflex Max simulators and now offers three basic models – M3, M6 and M8. Each of these simulators perfectly copes with the functions, and by means of them it is possible to carry out training on all groups of muscles easily. But these models differ in price, depending on different characteristics. Thus, the company offers simulators in different price segments and covers a large market share.

M8 Max Trainer

Among all the surveyed consumers who bought an M8 Max trainer, there would be no one who would complain about this product. This model received a solid five for its functions. Compared to other models in this line, this trainer is a bit large, but it still fits perfectly into any room and does not take up much space. Compared to the M6 ​​model, this model has more training guidance, supports twice as many user profiles, contains stronger pedals and handles. If you are interested in purchasing this model, and want to know even more, we recommend that you explore more specific features on the company’s official website. The manufacturer provides a warranty for a period of 3 years for spare parts for the trainer, and for an additional fee the period can be extended up to 5 years.

M6 Max Trainer

This model of trainer is in the middle price segment, so it is the most popular among users, because it embodies the perfect value for money. This option is much better than the M3 model, and the characteristics are very close to the M8. For example, unlike the M3 model, this trainer has cushioned pedals, 16 (twice as many) resistance modes, 2 user profiles (only one in the M3), 6 training programs, and Bluetooth support so that the device can be connected to the program on your smartphone and track the progress of your workouts. The simulator monitors the rhythm of your heartbeat. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty on the M6 ​​trainer.

M3 Max Trainer

Like all models in this line, the M3 Max Trainer has the same maximum power. But as for customized resistance, there are only 8 modes. Also, compared to other models, there are fewer modes and training programs. But you can subscribe to the Daily Burn (when you buy you will have a free trial period), and then you will have access to 24 videos shot specifically for the workout on the simulators of this line. The simulator can measure your heart rate. The manufacturer adds a 1-year warranty.

Prices for M3, M6 and M8 simulators are $ 999, $ 1699, $ 2299 respectively. If the difference between M3 and M6 is huge, then between M6 and M8 it is almost imperceptible, so in most cases, to save money, we would recommend buying an M6 simulator.

Therefore, if you are still hesitant, we recommend that you stop your choice on the M6 model. This is a great value for money. In this model you get a lot of training programs, resistance settings, as well as a fairly long warranty from the manufacturer. However, the choice is yours, and if you like to have the best and do not regret the money, you can safely buy the M8. In any case, you will be satisfied.


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